Monday, July 31, 2006

Sunday Late Summer

There was something about the clouds as I looked up from my hammock on Sunday afternoon.

It was a bit more humid than usual and the bands of broken white and light grey passed over at a fast pace.

Movement as if they planned to violate the back drop of blue just enough for me to notice.

Watching the passing added a small amount of beautiful complexity to my day.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Slop! Stir occasionally “It’s delicious”

There is nothing like the open skies of the suburban flat lands. Open and promising yet detached from the lack of the promise beneath them.

Monday, July 17, 2006

It’s Good to Have Friends in Suburbia

Yes I know, incredibly few and far between of me and my posting on EBATW. The only comfort that I have about my inconsistency (not my being incontinent) is that no one reads thing thing anyway.

Well here goes..

I have been finding my self staying close to home this summer, in fact more so than I can remember in my life. I’m very happy and content to be angling around my now not so new home, reading in my hammock, weeding my yard and trying to get my patchy lawn to look just like the eighteenth green at Augusta. Not in that order and FYI go easy on the fertilizer!

This feeling of contentment / satisfaction is something that escaped me for a long time, and I didn’t notice it was missing until I noticed that I had it. Kind of funny how things that your looking for in what turns out to be the absolutely wrong place, manifest them self’s in completely new ways.

It’s such a relief to know exactly where I want to be and for that matter where I don’t want to be these days. I’ve found that there is a little something / something to putting down roots! That seems to give me clarity, and a bunch more questions that I happy not to answer right away. I thnink it's knowing exactly where home is, that takes the pressure off having to answer any of those questions right away!

I guess when I wrote “It’s good to have friends in suburbia” I was referring to my home and the feeling that I have when I’m there, but this weekend I went north to visit with some friends and it took on additional meaning. My pals also live in northern California suburbia and most recently they have been missing from the list of usual suspects at various evenings in the big city and weekend trips out of town. For a while I was a bit disappointed, but the more I thought about it, all the more I understood their absence and my growing contentment with being homebody.

The big surprise…...some of our needs in life will never change but what fulfills them will.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I painted my house and all I got was this crumby T-shirt

How do good people of the township?

Been a crazy few weeks. Still trying to get past losing pops, finished painting and remolding my living/dinning rooms, took a ski trip to Utah and still loving San Francisco for work

Amazing what a little paint does for a room or two. The process including a week of prep. took 11 days total. Most of the work was done by my self but I did get some great assistance from my uncle and good friend Rick. Below are some before, during and after photos.

Bathroom, Kitchen and front yard are next. Don’t worry I’ll keep you up-dated.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tuesday and counting…

I don’t know exactly what I’m counting but it seems like a good way to put a Tuesday, which is neither here nor there into some context.

Nice weather has made an early appearance for the past couple of weeks and it has really perked me up. Wait a minuet…OH my god, am I talking about the weather? Not about hookers, guns, civil war heroes or vintage 80s video games!!!!!!

Man sorry about that, I fell into some sort of cube induced coma. Ok now some really interesting stuff….

Did you see the Olympic opening ceremonies? Man I use to think that the Italians were cool! Flame lit euros on roller blades in bad jump suits is just bad for the world. Bad for the world I tell ya.

Steve Jobs help us..oh wait you are too busy making cartoons that play on 4”x 4” screens…

More later my friends,


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jimmy Hendrix where are you?

Only a couple of generations ago, we the people sang the songs, told the stories and generated our culture from the bottom up.

But now, more and more of our culture is spoon-fed to us top-down by corporations, TV networks and ad agencies.

We must reclaim our culture. Start telling our own stories again. Singing our own songs. Producing our own meaning. Creating our own cool.

Run Forest Run

Well it’s Tuesday and I’m not laying in a hammock with the pacific behind me. In fact quite the opposite, I’m sitting at my desk on the tenth floor, looking across the bay and grey covered sky towards Oakland.

My mornings have been a bit rough lately. The only escape that I have had from my feelings and sadness is to sleep, as a result waking up each day has been a challenge. As soon as I open my eyes the hamster starts running on the wheel of reality.

I’m very confused and don’t now how I feel about the whole mess. Different ways at different times of the day I guess. Many decisions to make in the next few months and I want them to come from a rational rather than emotional state of mind.

One thing that I am sure of is how great my friends are! Their overwhelming support and love has been a huge strength for me.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Who cares about the outside?

So what’s in this box?
Who lives here? Birds?
Dust and Dirt?

Why can’t I see inside? Way are my legs to short and my ingenuity shy?

Does it change in winter? Are my questions as deciduous as the trees around me?

This house, it’s above the ground and suspended in the sky.

All of the visitors have gone and it’s empty. Empty except for this note.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Latin Tree Abuser Miffed

I came home last week and to my surprise found a large Mexican man attacking my lemon tree! I don’t know how long it had gone on for and the neighbors heard nothing. But judging from the condition of the tree, it had been a good two hours of anger and abuse by the aloof Latin man.

The Pizza Lady

This is the pizza lady. She works at the bowling alley and spins the pizza wheel.

I don’t really have anything to say about her except that she looks real happy to be there.